Our full-service grooming services are scheduled as a two- to four-hour window to allow each dog to get comfortable with us and relax. A Full Groom session includes a bath, drying, ear and nail care, and either a breed-standard or a custom cut. We also offer Bath & Brush, which is a full-service groom minus the haircut, for a lower cost.

A la carte services include nail trims, foot trims, and face trims. Anal glands can be done on request but must be part of a Full Groom or Bath & Brush. Ask about special care for excessive matting or more challenging temperaments.

We set individual drop-off and pick-up times so there is no need for any pup to meet another dog. Our cancellation policy requires 24-hour notice or payment is expected.

Salon Policies

To set up an appointment, use the contact form below or leave a message at 608-798-4464. Either way, we’ll call you back within 24 hours.

We are now accepting small to medium-sized new clients.

Pro Tip

We stagger drop-off times so each dog gets a personal welcome. Please arrive at your appointment time. READ MORE