Our Mission

Salon Fido, LLC prides itself in promoting the health and well being of your companion animal(s) by offering services and products to enhance that special relationship you share with them.

Kayla and I are devoted to helping you keep your companion animal healthy and active with optimal food, great care, and plenty of love. Our salon is a calm, comforting setting with two individual dog grooming areas and a large, fenced-in backyard. All dogs are allotted a two- to four-hour stay. Although your companion won’t likely take that long to groom, we aren’t working with fixed variables. We don’t groom straight through but rather allow time for them to get comfortable, have any necessary potty breaks, and address any other possible unforeseen interruptions.

Salon Fido provides full-service dog grooming and the finest dog food, treats, and supplements. Our salon and store is located in Cross Plains and serves customers from the greater Madison, WI area.

Our full-service dog grooming includes bathing, drying, ear and nail care, and either a breed-standard or custom cut. We also offer a simple bath and brush session as well as a la carte services. Please see the Contact Us page for appointment details.

Pro Tip

Most dogs thrive in a calm, cozy environment.