Why are whole fresh food diets better than kibble?


Answers Pet Food enhances the nutritional value of their raw diets through the fermentation process. Utilizing kombucha (fermented organic decaffeinated green tea) and raw goat milk whey they have created a unique fermented formula that delivers superior probiotics, enzymes and organic acids that aid in digestion. Answers is a Green Certified Company offering non-GMO pet food with recyclable packaging.

Two different formulas: Straight and Detailed

Multiple protein sources: Pork, Chicken, Beef and Turkey

Available in various sizes: patties, cartons, 12 tube – 30lb bulk boxes

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Raw Bistro Pet Fare believes in the importance of local, organic, free range and grass fed ingredients. They source their ingredients from family farmers who embrace sustainable farming practices; raise and treat their animals humanely and process their meats with the utmost care in USDA inspected facilities.

Multiple protein sources: Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Bison

Available in various sizes: 3lb pkgs (2 0z patties) and 6lb pkgs (8 oz patties)

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